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 Shenzhen Dream Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in August 2006, is one of a collection development, production, sales and mobile phone computer game consoles and other accessories manufacturing company. The company has independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, the introduction of modern enterprise management system, advanced equipment, highly qualified staff,
After years of effort, we have an experienced, highly technical, quality, aggressive team. "The cost of high-quality products and excellent service, return to the community is our business purposes, the" quality first, integrity, win-win "is our business philosophy. The company's main products are mobile phone computer game consoles accessories, such as the product of the pen, stylus, capacitive pen, mobile phone sets, computer sets, mobile power supply, hardware and metal products, etc.,
Over the years, our business, and actively explore and self-improvement business structure, form a tight, efficient production, sales, service, research and development organization system and excellent product quality, professional sales people, perfect after-sales service The team is a solid foundation. After years of hard work, dreams brand products have been exported to the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, in more than 10 Chinese provinces and municipalities had established sales network and service centers. Innovation - Ling Bao Secretary of the power source, through staff training, and create a unity of the working environment to encourage employees portrait professional varieties of innovation, dedication, cooperation, and efficient elite team. We know that stable, reliable products is fundamental to success, correct marketing methods in order to ensure the future success, we will continue adhering to the "buy a happy, must be assured of service commitments for the majority of partners to provide high quality cost low advantages, services, products and application solutions and technical support. Change the market rules are always changing, always according to the continuous improvement of the target market, and constantly adjust their position changed, and strive to gain the initiative in a rapidly changing market.

Brand: Dream
Product categories: stylus, capacitive pen, mobile phone sets, computer sets, metal, metal products
Product Positioning: ordinary and high-end users
Main products: stylus, capacitive pen, mobile phone sets, computer sets, metal, metal products

Mode of transport: express / logistics (courier pays shipping, logistics and free)
Delivery period: 7 days
Services: a quality problem within one year of maintenance returns, maintenance of life



Shenzhen Dream Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0755-23460733 Fax: 0755 -28,070,904
Address: Wang Long Industrial Zone in Guangdong Province, China Longhua New Big Wave Bulong Road, No. 595
Sichuan Branch: a plastic Electronics Company Limited

Various professional handwriting pen, computer mobile phone accessories, pens, stationery development, production, wholesale!

Professional design: modeling, embossed, programming, professional processing all kinds of auto military aerospace parts, all kinds of mold design and processing in detail the telephone: Wu13808063271

Address: Sichuan Province, Chengdu City Qingyang District home field mill Zhang2 groups



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